A Rechargeable battery, storage battery, or accumulator is a type of electrical battery which can be charged into a load and recharged many times as opposed to a disposable or primary battery,which supplied fully charged and discarded after use.Cerra systems one of the best leading supplier in Rechargeable battery in Hyderabad. Producing best Battery’s in a Reasonable price with high company standards and we cerra systems are in to different types of battery suppliers in Hyderabad and India.
Tyeps of Batterys
Aluminium-ion battery.
Flow battery.
Vanadium redox battery.
Zinc–bromine battery.
Lead–acid battery.
Deep cycle battery.
VRLA battery.
Glass battery.
Lithium air battery.
Lithium-ion battery.

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Li-ion Battery AA

One Rechargeable, 1.2V , 800mA

Li-ion Battery AAA

One Rechargeable, 1.2V , 800mA